The Small Specialist Classes at Barton Clough Primary School are fully resourced settings for children with complex learning needs, alongside speech and language difficulties. Each class is staffed by a teacher who is highly skilled at working with children with SEND and a full time specialist teaching assistant; in addition to these full time members of staff, there are other members of staff who work with specific children within the class. The learning programme for each class provides a broad and balanced curriculum that takes into account each individual’s difficulties and needs. Personal targets are integrated into lessons and there is an intense focus on developing speech and language alongside memory and processing skills, fine and gross motor development and understanding social situations. The classroom has an area in order to support children when sensory issues are encountered and sensory toys are available to support self-soothing and de-escalation of anxiety. While learning opportunities are carefully planned, staff are skilled at reacting and adapting to the needs of the pupils at different times of the school day.

We are committed to continually developing our specialist classes. Staff are trained in the delivery of speech and language therapies and work closely with a highly specialised therapist to meet the needs of our pupils.  We liaise with specialist staff such as occupational therapists, education psychologists and other field experts to seek advice and continually improve practice.

The links below offer more information about our classes and the work we do:

Learning spaces

Speech and Language Development