Physical Education

At Barton Clough we use the PE Passport to support us in delivering the PE curriculum. Within the PE Passport we have access to a full curriculum of engaging, interactive P.E lessons for each year group. Planning for each lesson ensures that there is  clear, progressive learning objectives; differentiated activities and videos to support the narrative.

We teach Invasion Games, Dance, Gymnastics and our Year 5 pupils also have swimming lessons from the spring term.

This year we are benefitting from working with Junior Jam, a company who is delivering some of the PE curriculum and other subjects across school on a Friday. The children will be working on ball skills, boxercise, basketball, football and athletics across the year.

We have been very fortunate to work with Beth Tweddle’s Gymnastic Company for the Summer Term. Every class has the opportunity to work with the Gymnastics coaches once a week to develop their Gymnastics skills, this is to support all children in their physical development. The programme shows children the main shapes of gymnastics, how to roll, balance and jump and how to use a variety of gymnastics equipment safely. The highly-qualified coaches lead the sessions with the support of the school staff to ensure that everyone is reaching their potential. Each session focuses on a different area of gymnastics for each year group, ensuring they get the opportunity to try out all the different skills and equipment we have. The coach is also offering an after school club for Year 3 and 4 children.

We are also working with Commando Joe. A company who aims to develop teamwork, resilience, communication amongst other vital life skills as part of our curriculum. The children work together on a series of missions that they must complete by using all the skills above and more. The children will be completing obstacle courses, following instructions from each other, building camps and working together to reach their goals.

At Barton Clough we think that PE is important and we want to give children as many opportunities as we can to be active.