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We are delighted to announce that as of 1st March 2021, The Dunham Trust has successfully merged with Bright Futures Educational Trust.

The Dunham Trust’s staff and the operation of its five schools have moved to Bright Futures, allowing for the significant benefits of becoming coming a larger Trust. This is the right next step for the continued growth, development and success for everyone involved in our schools and networks.

Closely aligned educational visions and values, focused on community, integrity and passion will ensure the long-term success of the merger and will stand us in good stead going forward together.

We are confident that this is the right way forward for all our children and young people, staff and communities.

Below is some further information about the merger and you can read more about Bright Futures Educational Trust at

Information regarding the merger between the Dunham Trust and Bright Futures Educational Trust

Bright Futures is a Multi Academy Trust. This is a non-profit making, charitable Trust that runs state funded schools.  It is a legal entity that governs a group of schools through a single set of Trustees.

This merger was the right thing to do for both Trusts for the following reasons:

  • Both Trusts share similar values
  • This is a great opportunity for both parties to gain experienced staff, new insights and new learning
  • Becoming a larger MAT brings economies of scale, efficiency savings as well as wider skillsets and ideas
  • The local geography of The Dunham Trust means that we consolidate the wider presence in Trafford and make the most of links with Altrincham Grammar School for Girls
  • Another special school brings obvious benefits for collaboration with us all and, particularly, provides great opportunities for professional learning with Melland High School

There are multiple benefits to the merger. We will always seek to ensure that a new, larger Trust maintains its focus on the core business of children’s learning, continuous improvement and staff development. Increased scale will help to achieve economies. Any savings will enable further re-investment in improved provision and facilities.

The former Dunham Trust schools will keep their current names and the staff that you are familiar with will not change as a result of the merger. They are already well established in their communities and Bright Futures’ values will now be associated with those schools.

We now have a single Board of Trustees which is the accountable body for the entire Trust.  Each school will continue to have a local governing body. The split of responsibilities is detailed in the Bright Futures Delegation Framework


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ParentMail will be beneficial to you because:

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  • iPhone and Android apps available for parents on the go

For help in registering please contact the school office. Or alternatively there is help and advice available to you via the parent help site.

Important letters 2020-2021


TTSA Transition Project with Lostock High

Since September 2019, Barton Clough has been a part of the TTSA (Trafford Teaching School Alliance) Transition Project. The aim of the project is for primary schools and high schools to work together to create a stronger transition for their pupils from Year 6 to Year 7. As Lostock High are our nearest feeder high school, we have partnered with them to create a project that we think will benefit our pupils and ensure they have a smoother transition to high school. 
Like Barton Clough, Lostock High have a strong focus on reading, reading for pleasure and in particular developing a child’s reading age so they are able to access age appropriate materials. We have decided together that our reading focused project will begin in the Summer of 2020 and will focus on preparing the pupils who will be attending Lostock High for their future English lessons as well as transition readiness. 
Towards the end of Year 6, pupils will follow our English construct inspired by a new text. However, they will only be introduced to half of the text because in September they will then continue with this same text in their first few weeks of English lessons at Lostock High. We are hoping to see that if the familiarity of a text, similar teaching techniques and approaches to English lessons have a positive impact on a pupils smooth and positive transition to Year 7, academic ability sustaining over the summer holidays and their overall attitude to reading. 
We are very excited about being part of this project and firmly believe it will have positive results for our pupils and their transition to Year 7. We will keep you updated as the project develops further. 

Dates for the diary

  • Due to the amount of extra COVID-19 preparation and training for our September opening, Trafford have granted each school an extra INSET day to use during this academic year. Therefore, school will be closed on Friday 18th December.