Mission, Vision and Values

Empowering children through self belief and a curiosity to learn

Vision: Empowering learners to flourish and succeed in the world of tomorrow

Mission: We encourage individuality, nurture curiosity, build self-belief and have limitless expectations for all

To enable us to fulfil our vision and mission we ensure the following;

Quality of Teaching and Learning

Engaging and stimulating lessons which spark a curiosity to learn

All staff have high expectations of behaviour and progress

Nurture independent learners

Innovation through enquiry

Inclusive Learning Environment

Positive, challenging learning environment

Promote and celebrate individuality

Every child is valued

Promote independence and resilience

Enrichment of opportunities and Experiences  

Foster a sense of pride within the local community

Opportunities to experience activities which go beyond the curriculum

Celebrate children’s talents and nurture interests

Explore and understand the locality and beyond

Personal and Social Wellbeing

Develop a growth mindset

Staying safe whilst taking risks

Have respect for all

Ask for help with confidence

At Barton Clough we nurture positive relationships. It is at the  heart of all we do.​ We are committed to teaching the skills and knowledge each child needs to flourish and succeed, with enthusiasm, energy and hope. ​

Children and staff chose our school core values, which were:

  • honesty
  • respect
  • determined
  • polite
  • caring